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Do you love racing or online racing games? The internet has many websites that give you the opportunity to play several online racing games. You can try playing all kinds of free online racing games like city racing games, uphill racing games, rally racing games or even horse racing games. Apart from these, you have the chance to play other free racing games like Boat racing, Pimp My Ride, Stunt Driving, Circuit Racing, etc.

On websites like, you can try playing games like,,, etc. The games here come in different variety of environments like racing on water, land, roller coaster track, snow, etc. If you want to race through the jungle or zoom through the beach, offers the best games that you would like.

This game is a combination of Grand Theft Auto and and you are expected to kill pedestrians so you can get more experience and get to a higher level. You need to destroy players of a lower level and be the leader. While you play, your car can get damaged so you need to be very careful and make sure your health stays above 0 so as to remain in the game.

This game is a racing game that is action packed, played on a small circuit and many other players. This game challenges your driving skills.

You will be racing against other cars and you have to be the fastest to be the first. All the cars have similar speed level and are handled the same way. Each lap you finish, you’ll be given a time which is a nice feature because you get to know whether you have improved or not; you are even free to replay that lap.

To accelerate, you left –click while you use your car to steer.