World Of Karts


World of karts is a free iogame. In World of Karts, you will get behind the wheel of a cute, cartoony kart and take on other players from around the world. There are two modes of play in this game, you can either race or go into battle mode. In race mode, you have to stay on track and outrun the other players as you pick up items and unleash them with extreme prejudice. In battle mode it is a no holds barred arena battle to the death. You have three hits and you're dead. Your goal is to hit the opponent before they can get you. Pick up items like cupcakes that you can launch at your oppoenents, time bombs to take them out, and eggs to drop behind you that they slip on.  fun lighthearted kart game in which you can race with your friends and customize your own kart with new wheels, stickers, and even cool hats. Real multiplayer kart game which you can play wherever you want and whenever you desire. Feedback is very appreciated

Arrow keys for movement
Shift for drift
Z for using an item
All of the above controls are customizable in the settings menu

Game Updates & Patch Notes: 
[12/08/2020] Added playground while players wait for a race to start
[20/08/2020] Added new item, music, bots and fixed a lot of bugs
[25/08/2020] Added new item, Added new end race screen, Made bots smarter and fixed some bugs
[26/08/2020] Fixed input not working in edge browser

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