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Cross Promotion: is a free evolution style game.

Cut down trees and palms, bushes and cacti to grow in size while you are small.

Attack smaller enemies, so you have a better chance of staying alive. 

You can save yourself just run away from large enemies so that they do not kill you with one fell swoop of their powerful weapon or you can donate your experience to the enemy. But you won’t be able to run for a long time, because when you run, your experience decreases.

The game has only 12 levels:

  1. killer lvl 1
  2. killer lvl 2
  3. killer lvl 4
  4. ninja lvl 1
  5. ninja lvl 2
  6. warrior lvl 1
  7. warrior lvl 2
  8. warrior lvl 3
  9. legend lvl 1
  10. legend lvl 2
  11. legend lvl 3
  12. legend lvl 4

Can you get to level 12 and become the biggest and strongest in the game?

One of the effective attack tactics: approach the enemy on the left side so that it is to your right and from your sword, then - immediately attack first!

Evonite will let you have fun and not let you get bored!


For starters, the range of weapons need checking and the animations too. Dying to a swing after it has clearly finished is a major mistake for this type of game. E.g You just juked a guy into swinging, their weapon is back at the default position, you move in to attack then suddenly die as if the weapon was still there.  Now secondly, the game is way too zoomed in but that might just be my opinion. It just feels as though your vision is so limited that it's mainly pot luck that you don't accidentally walk into someones swing off screen.
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