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2d Shooter io Games

2d Shooter .io Games

Best Online Shooting Games

There are tons of multiplayer shooting games online with various modes of play. Sites like feature tons of online shooting games for players. Some online shooting games require just one person to play while others will need you to play along with others as a team.

Listed below are a few online shooting games:


This game is an awesome multiplayer shooting game where various weapons are used all over the map and you battle others. This game is free for all so you need to be careful so to know who is within your vicinity.

The main thing in this game is to utilize the map so as to avoid projectile from coming in to hit you. Try to get your enemy to chase you until he is led out in the open, find somewhere to hide and take him out when he least expects it.

In playing this game, you need your WASD keys for movement all around the game and to shoot, you left-click. The mouse scroll wheel can be used for switching weapons.

2. ShootingHeads

If you are looking to play anyone of the best shooting games online, then Shootingheads is the best choice for you. It is an easy shooting game with a 2D environment where you fight against other players in an arena with a platform kind of look.

The main strategy of this game is to jump all over the place and move from place to place when trying to shoot so that you give your enemies a tough time when they are trying to shoot you.

To play this game, the WASD keys are to be used to move from one direction to the other. If you want to fire your gun, all you need to do is right click.