KatanaMasters.io is a multiplayer arena io game wich you fight to survive.

Slash enemys, block them and defend yourself!
Cut bamboo, kill players to make more points. Block enemys and watch your stamina to stay in fight.


  • MOUSE CURSOR - Movement
  • LEFT MOUSE BUTTON - Attack (Use 100% stamina)
  • RIGHT MOUSE BUTTOM - Block (Use 50% stamina)


Make points cutting bamboo's and killing players. Try to survive as much as you can, more points, more gold you receive to spend in skins, pets and more.
Killing players restore stamina, blocking them too, pay attention around and in your stamina bar.


Game Updates & Patch Notes: 
10/16/2019 - Release Beta 1.0.0 That's the release version beta of KatanaMasters, theres only one arena, 28 unlockable skins, 19 pets, progression, account level, gold and more.
06/11/2019 - Release Beta 1.2.0 -Arena Rework -New Enemy on Map: Goblins -Added in game Changelog and Contact Us session -Bug fixed when player join arena doesn't show properly -Other minor fixes

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