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Play is a multiplayer RPG game in which you are a knight going on quests. Welcome brave knight, welcome to the rest of your life. In you are transported to a magical pixelbit world full of plague rats, wizards, and magical artifacts. KnightQuest is a fantasy MMO that is heavy on player interaction but not necessarily on player conflict. In this RPG you are free to develop your character, customize your weapons, and toggle your stats. You will take on missions, side-quests, and generally just enjoy the forever expanding sandbox of this unique, retro fantasy world.

You are in control of your own destiny in, an elegant but deep MMORPG that allows you to roleplay, slay and upgrade your way through an all-new but altogether familiar fantasy setting. Don't be fooled by the elegance and simplicity of the game's mechanics. Your options and abilities may be easy to use but the games overall arc is deeper and more broad than it first appears.

Game Instructions:
Use your cursor to direct your player, press the left mouse button to guide them to your preferred location.
The left mouse button will also be used for a variety of in-game actions, such as:
* Attack opponents
* Pick up or interact with items
* Move
* Interact with NPC

You can press enter to chat with other players, please no foul language and don't be a creep.


hello its a good game but need to be fixed and improved and mostly needs a discord to have a suggestions and bug reports or feedbacks and if you dont know what is discord just message me below here

This doesn't exist anymore.
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