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Team .io Games

Best Team .io Games

Online team games have evolved over time with the internet giving gamers the opportunity to play alongside each other from various locations. There are thousands of free team games on the internet and you can be a part of any if you are the type that loves playing these kinds of games.

Many of these games can come in the form of shooting, zombies, space wars and much more. Some of the games require the whole team to win while others allow the rest of the team members continue playing after losing one or more members. Whichever one you want, it is up to you to choose.

Below are a few team .io games that might interest you:


This is a very cool team .io game where various players come together as a team to outrun zombies. At the commencement of each round, a particular person becomes a zombie in the game while the rest are expected survive together and avoid being attacked. There are various tools like maps and weapons to help out in this game.


This is another space game but a team based game where 2 teams of spaceships battle against each other. Similar to, the spaceships are allowed to evolve and upgrade and you are expected to play alongside other teammates so as to eliminate as many enemy spaceships as possible. Both teams have a particular base which could be destroyed by the opposite team.


This is a maze game where you as a “cursor” are joined together with others with the main aim of advancing from one level to the next. It is a team game because there are a lot of obstacles on the way, so you will need the help of other team members as well. There are tools like a map that you would need to play this game.