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Cross Promotion: is a 2D shooter io game set in space in which you must create a conquering civilization. Collect resources to build a civilization on a planet. Build defenses and take over other player’s planets.

How to Play Microgravity

  • Collect resources from asteroids and mines.
  • Build cities to supply labor to man factories and mines.
  • Build factories to collect unique weapons.
  • Join alliances to conquer other planets.
  • Watch out for planets' limited resources.

Microgravity Controls

  • Move: W, A, S, and D or arrow keys
  • Aim: Mouse
  • Fire: Left click or Space
  • Boost: Shift
  • Chat: T or Enter
  • Select Weapon: Q and E
  • Directional Thrust: Right Click
  • Directional Reverse: Middle Click
  • Toggle Alliance: R
Game Updates & Patch Notes: 
v1.0: Blast Off


pls fix im on windows 10 i want to pla io games but it say they all are full

It just leaves me on the loading screen while these dots get bigger, it's really weird plz fix. I'm on mac.

It leaves me in the loading screen like wtf
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