70 is 2D shooter battle royale io game where you must stay away from the dangerous red zone. Check out the brand new battle royale io game now!

Get in the battlegrounds, pick your weapon and fight until the you are the last man standing. How long can you stay alive in the battle royale?

How to Play MOBG.IO

Control your character with the mouse and shoot with the left click or the space bar.

You can run away from your enemies by using the right click of your mouse or pressing W.

You have 2 slots for your weapons. So, pick them wisely. ;) You can switch your weapons using the mouse wheel or pressing Q.

MOBG.IO Strategy

Pick your weapons and chase your enemies. Beware of the shrinking red zone! Stay alive in the safe zone and loot the power-ups to get advantageous.

Don't forget there will be only one survivor from the battle. Can you become the last man standing?

Game Updates & Patch Notes: 
17.10.2018. Halloween event is ready for a limited time.

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