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Cross Promotion: is a free-for-all racing io game.

Roll your way to finish! This is an online multiplayer platform game which you can play with your friends!

In, you have to finish the map under the time limit but don't forget to collect gold coins and weapon boxes which gives you the advantage on your way!

How to Play

Arrow buttons (Also W-A-S-D keys) to navigate,

Spacebar to jump,

CTRL key to fire your weapon. Strategy Strategy

In, you have to get to the next checkpoint in order to save your collected coins. Also, you have to finish the current map in order to save your experience level (Which is needed for certain skins and items).

After each map, a vote box appears and you chose between one of the current maps available.

Jump highest and stay in the air for the most of the time period in order to get maximum stunt points.

Collect golds and spend them in the Rollz Store for custom skins, weapons, and enhancements for your ball.

And most importantly; Finish the game shortest period to be one of first three balls who finish the game.

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