61 is a 2-D shooter game.


WASD to move

Click to shoot

QEF to use upgrades (active)


Choose your class to dictate your loadout

kill people and break crates to choose upgrades such as heal,regen,vision,speed,sheild,axe,grenade,build,smoke,claymore,rcxd

climb your way to the top of the leaderboard

find out what happens when you reach 10k points!

unlock achievments (only registered users)

place on the leaderboard 


shotwars is a great game to play solo or with friends. With 3 different gamemodes, 10 different classes, and 11 different perks there is plenty to try. In the future the game will recieve many updates, so stay tuned on the discord!



Game Updates & Patch Notes: 
0.5.0 Released