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Orbit War Game
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Pixeledo io
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About is a multiplayer shooting game. The goal is to be number one by eliminating other players.

To get a new weapons you have to go to spawn zones. Weapons drop randomly and are divided into tiers (0,1,2,3).

You start at the bottom of the map and while you fight your way to the top, the odds of dropping great weapons increases. At the top, there are the best weapons you can find.

With better weapon, you will get an health boost. Your health regenerate slowly over time. Each won battle against another player restore some health.


How to Play

Use W,S,A and D to move your Tug, and left click to shoot. That’s it ! Strategy

You can’t win if you don’t have a good weapon. You should summon has much as you can. Tier 0 has the lowest drop rates for good weapons, so you should try to level up to 1 or 2 and then summon as much as possible.


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