Area 51 Battle Royale


Area 51Batle Royale Game

Area 51 Battle Royale is a free battle royale io game. You play the role of a alien hunter within the raid on Area 51. Free Aliens and earn their reputation, even if you die, the raid must go on. Pick another class to play and keep on assaulting. More powerful classes are unlocked with levels starting from Weeb, Jock, Anonymous, Forum Troll and Alien Bruh. Each class has it's own unique abilities.

Area 51 Battle Royale controls

Your character follows your mouse cursor

Area 51 Battle Royale Strategy

Focus on your class' strong points:

Weeb - very fast but squishy, great for farming in the desert and dodging bullets

Jock - very tanky, good for going between Area 51 and the desert when the police is chasing you

Anonymous - great at escaping the police in Area 51, careful for the stranded shielded special forces

Forum Troll - the healing helps him kite for longer than previous classes but the speed punishes mistakes

Alien Bruh - has all the previous class perks but a bit more milder, the heal is weaker, the invisibility takes longer to recharge