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Start off in an airplane thousands of feet above the arena. Jump out whenever you're ready and navigate towards the blue cube. While the map of the game is huge, the blue cube is the only area where gameplay will actually take place. Use your wits to survive in this massivley multiplayer online arena game. Players are pitted against eachother in an elimination stye tournament. You will climb higher up the leader board the more opposing players you are able to eliminate before the fickle finger of fate find you! Collect items which you can utilize in your strugle agains the opposing players. Some of these items are long range, some are single use and some are pugilistic. You'll be able to carry up to six different items at a time, as well as finding supplies to upgrade or reboot them as you need duing the game. Your victory is dependent upon being able to find and do away with the opposing players before they are able to find and do away with you. You will be foced to employ underhanded strategies and over the top athletics to out run, out play, and out live the other players!


Instructions / How to PlayThe W,A,S,D or Arrow Pad are how you move through the game.

Please use your mouse to aim the reticule and change your view.

You will use the left mouse button to strike.

The 1,2,3,4,5,6 number keys allow you to select a new item.

Press F to pick up an item.

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