Cellulus is a free-for-all strategy io game where your goal is to become the biggest! What drama might lay beyond the world of our limited vision? In Cellulus.io you will experience the majesty and terror of the microscopic world! Become a cell engaged in life or death struggle to absorb and dominate the enemy. As you grow in size so grows your ability to squash your opponents. Hover over them and absorb their essence to increase the mass of your own. As you grow you develop the ability to expel your mass into an orbit of cells which will guard you and can absorb smaller cells. Avoid the spikey green bacterium as they will infect and divide your cell. The world of Cellulus may seem familiar but don't be fooled, this is a slick, original take on an old familiar game.

Game Updates & Patch Notes: 
VERSION 0.14.0 New Modes: - Sandbox - Roam the map with a few bots, your very own minions, and no real players. It's great for practice! New Goodies: - New Colored Cells, customize the color of your cells, just like your Nickname! - New server list layout. - Level requirements are higher, nothing more to it. - Edit cosmetics liked Colored Names and Spiked Cells in the shop. - Customize our built-in keybinds to your liking with the Keybinds menu. Fixed: - The eject keybind isn't "sticky" anymore. - Instant physics are more like the original Popsplit. - Performance improvements, for those silky smooth renders.
VERSION 0.12.0 New Stuff: - Smoooother animations all over the place. - Legal stuff, new Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. - Who turned on the lights? Most text is brighter and easier to see. - The shop is now fully functional, go waste your money! (It\'s getting a makeover soon) Fixed: - Modals aren\'t as wonky anymore, never fear endless modals again!