Eldyn is a free MMO game. Welcome to a dark world filled with medieval-style hack and slash action in a free to play MMO. Do you have what it takes to power up your abilities and take on the dark empire? Can you collect the weapons, items, experience, and skills you need to venture forth into the world and win? Prove it in this game of fun. Defeat your enemies to gain more valor, with more valor comes more soma, and with soma comes the ability to unlock new powers. Be wary though, because the more valor a defeated enemy has the more valor you get and as your valor increases so too does the bounty on your head. It is a precarious balancing game where you must think strategically and act tactically. Prove to the old gods of Eldyn that you are truly a force to be reckoned with in this exciting MMO game.

Start with a spear, rations and buckler and work your way up to unlock more powerful items to give you a strategic edge against enemies.

Conquer regions of Eldyn and you will be rewarded with extra valor for each kill as well as the allegiance of those in the region.

- WASD/Arrows to move
- Left click to use
- Digits 0-9 to use other tools
- Esc toggles the menu

It is recommended to change the key mappings in the menu to allow easier activation of other tools depending on your playstyle.

Up to 10 players can combine as a team by ticking the private faction checkbox, factions are essential to conquering Eldyn.

No sign ups are required - you will be entered as an anonymous 'Wanderer' however bear in mind as a Wanderer none of your progress will be saved so it's recommended you sign up to save your progress.

Game Updates & Patch Notes: 
Eldyn v1.2.3 release notes - commandable troops NPCs can be ordered if you have the minimum Valor rank. Just say the appropriate command to them if you have the correct Valor rank.

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