Exorcist is a team defense and survival game. This is a gamee in which you defend the heart in the center of the room against the monsters that come every turn (every 30 seconds) and powerful bosses, slow and gigantic (the bosses give the most souls * 1) by firing bullets, slicing your enemies with the blade, with energy bombs or using powerful spirits you will annihilate the enemy. (You will have the choice among 45 items) Many items are available in the stores available and last and upgrade your hp (gem 1: 100hp gem 2: 1000hp gem 3: 10000hp) or bought souls if you are eager to get your destructive weapon. (5 tempting price choices) The game is like an endless fight with the ability to just relax and collect souls. But to change the habits there is a stop to fight with other players and watch the death in the game you lose 1/100 of your souls so do not die often. (The arena increases your winnings)

The wave number is 51 at the moment.

Skins varied to personalize the experience of the game and servers going to 50! (shutdown every 6 hours you will be warned in advance) The game is difficult alone because the monsters attack you on 4 sides and index often guarded the right side because it could hide big surprises. If the game is difficult to progress, events are often there to motivate you and help you get the next weapon you want! Some phrases will be written for the atmosphere of the game each turn. Keep in mind that losing will get you back to 0.!

Souls * 1 = money of the game

Personification * 2 = spirit

Gods * 3 = items

Tips: the best way to get souls is to simply play.



WASD / arrow keys to move

Q to enable / disable the trade

G to exchange (by touching someone)

B for the store

K to sell Souls save but weapons do not save! (! It is recommended to sell your items before you go!)