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-The menu is located at the top of the screen.


So. You got a small castle and 10,000 gold.
Try to grab new territories and get their wealth.

Do you need gold? Then build a Tree, Village House, City Shop, Tower or Factory.
Keep track of what's nearby. So you can increase the income from your ownership.
You can only build next to your cells.
To protect your buildings, surround yourself with special cells - Magic.
They are difficult to destroy, for this you need drop a bomb over factory.
Be careful, after that you will lose all unsaved gold.
Start aerial bombardment of enemy cells with a bombs.

Don't forget to create multiple castle.
If you don't have at least one castle, then game over.
You can turn any castle back into gold.


Create many profitable buildings.
Watch where of location factories. They are very dangerous.
If you destroy Magic, you lose points.

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