67 is a zombie survival game set in the modern world. What makes it unique is the noise and the apocalypse mechanic. Most actions you make will create noise which in turn will alert zombies. After level 3 you encounter Apocalypses which just mean there will be a bunch of zombies out to get you.

Every level comes with a new perk and most objects can be transformed into valuable resources used for building your defences.

How to Play

Nightwalkers is played with the default controls for a top-down shooter.

WASD move the character while he turns towards the mouse cursor

Left mouse click shoots while the right mouse button activates melee which knocks down zombies and gives you some breathing space.

The B or E key opens the building menu Strategy

It is very important to build in Fortifications such as walls combined with traps and turrets play an important role.

A different approach is to be stealthy, the less movement and attacking done by you, the least zombies you will attract.

Game Updates & Patch Notes: 
11.19.2018 brings updated to 4.6.3 and was followed by a nice server crash by our friends at hostgator. The main addition is the Graphic Settings button next to the volume which can force graphics to low allowing smoother gameplay for people with below-average computers. New: graphics button to change the settings New: male character has 1 hp regen every 30 seconds Bug: fixed a bug with the counter of the actions not working Bug: fixed latency calculation it's finally kinda relevant now
11.20.2018 Updated 4.6.4, update number 101. Loot from zombies will only drop for the person who killed them to avoid the situation in which players were having over 200 med kits while afking around. Thanks @Hacky for the idea New: a few more filters for usernames Change: zombie loot will drop for the player that deals the killing blow Change: bullet trails less opaque, too much disco happening, bullets traveling less than before as well Change: buffed the tentacle zombie a bit Change: buildings HP bars hidden, too much clutter on the screen for no reason Change: minimap is unlocked starting from lvl 1 and the detection distance is the whole map to provide an incentive to find other players Bug: fixed range issue where you'd die and the tentacle zombie would be quite far away from you Bug: resized some frames to fit their content better Optimizations: more small optimizations
12.06.2018 Update 4.8.0 with HUGE additions: a crafting table to create (for now at least) a rail gun that shoots like fucking crazy AND a minigame (mostly for downloading updates but you can access it anytime through the main menu) + a crapload of optimizations so you can play while the teacher isn't looking New: crafting table via the build menu New: railgun weapon created via the crafting table New: shoot-em-up zombie minigame that hopefully appears while you're downloading an update, you shoot waves of zombies and get resources for the next time you play, it's kinda OK and that's it : P New: profanity filter, replacing bad fucking words with nice fucking words New: is served via a CDN now so it will load much faster (as soon as the DNS propagates, max ~24h) Change: rocket launcher has a 2 second cooldown so you don't spam it by accident, @Hacky suggestion Bug: fixed a really crappy bug that was degrading performance the more you died, that's gone now so it can fuck off Bug: fixed some more bugs but I don't remember which Optimizations: a bunch of optimizations like the fact that you dont need to redownload all the assets all the time resulting in SUPER FAST loading speed Next in the books is a winter update with snowballs and related gingerbread and a better private room system that gives out links instead so (dont try this yet lol) will send you to blabla room
17.12.2018 Updated to 4.8.4 with a winter theme, snowflakes and all that stuff New: winter theme Change: lowered the railgun bullet count when crafted to balance it with the resources used Bug: fixed name bug Bug: fixed some other bugs Optimizations: optimized some thingies
18.12.2018 Updated to 4.8.5 to fix some minor things about the winter theme as Erigatohishima pointed out for which I'm grateful New: the game will remember you closing the mini tooltips that are pointing at the Graphics button and the Hardcore button so they won't bother you next time you play Change: removed the wintery banner from the main menu and selection because it was too cluttered Bug: fixed the green snowflakes, wtf :D Bug: changed chat text color to black to be seen on the snowy background Happy holidays!
16.01.2019 Updated to 4.8.8 with some minor adding a default font for readability and it's rather bugged New: Easter Egg for a loyal player "Hacky" New: final steps of us moving to a better hosting so if you see stuff that doesn't work tell us Change: removed the Xmas theme, it's still winter though Bug: fixed the crafting table showing 0/0 at the beginning Bug: fixed grunts SFX
21.01.2019 Updated to 4.8.13, mainly a stability patch • added a cap of 50 Apocalypse strength • lowered rocket damage a bit • lowered railgun damage a tiny bit • buffed the normal zombie a tiny bit • fixed a few bugs but the fuck if I can remember which
25.01.2019 Updated to 4.8.17, update 114, pretty insane innit? This is mostly a noob friendly patch • building menu can be activated by clicking the build button in the bar since too many people ask in the chat how they can build • added a mini tooltip above the crafting table to explain what the fuck to do with it since people probably don't have time to try different clicking combinations (I am aware of a bug where the tooltip appears before the crafting table is placed but i couldn't find any quick fix yet) • crafting table has a hammer icon on the minimap • tentacle zombie has a skull icon on the minimap • changed the player's icon from line of sight to an arrow pointing where you're facing • thanks to Erigatohishima from (check out his games, some are cool) we got a better adblocker system which is more effective and more willing to accept your mistakes of using an adblocker ya bums • resources spread less so there's a bit less walking in circles to loot them
27.01.2019 Beta for patch 5.0.0 and will be live in about an hour or two, le miracle Additions • Feedback form on the left side of the screen with suggestions that I will probably ignore • Players can now start with 30 rockets and 1 launcher if they wanna watch an ugly banner ad showing probably some Chinese ripoff off Pokemon • Level up perk text above resources so you know how much love you got • Footstep sounds to immerse yourself in the walking simulator • Some zombies will randomly spawn and start chasing you haha!! • Laser sight will now provide zoom out 50% so you can see the enemy that will slaughter you from a much bigger distance Changes • Guys regenerate double the HP over time cause they stronk • Replaced tutorial videos with images and text • Apocalypses spawn more normal zombies and less Tentacle ones • Trash can will now be silent when flipped over • Tentacle zombie's minimap icon shrinked along with its ego • Hardcore button spawns less Tentacle zombies • Resources wings clipped from when a crate is destroyed (they spread less) • Medpack action button can now be clicked for people without keyboards • Lowered the movement speed a bit, give those zombies a chance God dammit! • Reduced noise you make so you can party louder
28.01.2019 Updated to 5.0.5 our 119 update! It brings a few changes to help people out Changes • Wooden Fence size doubled! • Railgun tech resource cost lowered by half, wood increased a bit, metal decreased a bit • Crates won't drop rocket launchers since Hacky wanted to be nerfed (the nature of this request made us here at JeFawk Games very worried about his health) Bug squashing • Fixed Silent Boots to reduce noise if you stand still and do jack shit • Fixed some shady links • Crates will stop dropping double weapons
08.02.2019 Updated to 5.0.10 our 124th update for crying out loud Changes • Hardcore button will now spawn an apocalypse after 5 seconds • Reduced the Hardcore button cooldown to 25 seconds from 50 • Reduced apocalypse timer from 300 sec to 120 sec • XP increased cause right now I got to lvl 4 in the first minute with the changes to the Hardcore button • Apocalypse spawns a bit more zombies but will lag a bit less • Max apocalypse set to 75
20.06.2019 Updated to 5.1.0, our 130th update Changes • Added new weapon in celebration of releasing another io game - crossbow. This can be crafted from the crafting table, impales zombies and slows them down (apart from the Tentacle one) • Added Daily login page with Daily login reward and new patch updates • Fixed some bugs • More optimizations, can never have enough
April 2021, Version 7.7.5, our 158th update: PETS! We added pets to the game which can be acquired basically by not doing anything. If you play the game, you get the faster. Play and get the Roach, Chicken, Kektus, and Pfnicker!