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Cross Promotion: is a snake io game with a customizable skin. In Lazersnake you are a snake, and yes you are also a lazer. You can give yourself a name and even customize your color. Your goal is to become the longest snake on the map by eating food and destroying other players. A player dies when they hit the border, themselves, or you. When the player dies it will drop almost all of its food for you to pick up. As you grow your field of view gradually increases so that you can see more people and food. You can use the arrow keys or wasd to change your snakes direction, and you can use space to activate your boost. When a player is boosting, they move twice as fast, but do lose food and become smaller. Be carful because if you become too small, it will be harder for you to start growing again. Lazersnake is a modernized version of the classical game called Snake. Lazersnake runs at 45-60 fps and, unlike Snake, Lazersnake is not based on a grid system. Lazersnake also has a leaderboard, will you make it to the top?

Some strategies include:

  • Sneaking up on people and cutting them off
  • Turning at the last second as somone tries to cut you off
  • Trapping a player by moving in a circle around them
  • Forcing a player to hit the border
Game Updates & Patch Notes: 
NEW UPDATE: Bots to keep you entertained when no one is on
NEW UPDATE: Players boost faster
NEW UPDATE: A minimap that shows players now exists in the bottom right corner of the screen.
NEW UPDATE: Player saves 1/2 of their length after death
COMING SOON: Amazon and Google Play apps
COMING SOON: Food multiplier powerups
COMING SOON: Featured youtuber
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