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About LittleBigSnake

LittleBigSnake = Best Multiplayer GamePlay + QUALITY + Slither-like mechanics

It's a dynamic game in a vivid world inhabited by various amusing creatures, some of which you can play for: yes-yes, not only snakes, try it out yourself!

You can improve your skills, enhance your collection of skins, gain achievements and titles, play with friends and much more. It's a true MMO game which will keep evolving and overgrow with new features. We came for a long time!

How to Play LittleBigSnake

You begin the game session as a small worm and need food to grow up and turn into the huge snake that devours everything on its way and can encircle the others. Watch out for your head: if you crush into someone's body with your head, you become food for the others. It's not a place to relax: a deft baby can easily cut off and kill a huge snake: it's dexterity that matters, not size. Try yourself in this wonderful world!

LittleBigSnake Strategy

You'll need only your brain and a mouse with one button to accelerate. The keyboard isn't needed so your off-hand will be free to hug a girlfriend who won't be able to look away from the screen, watching how great you are. Easy entrance but deep mastering!  


put motivaional music in the back

My name, as you can see above, is LesbianGamer - but when I entered this to be my username for LittleBigSnake; it told me that I used a 'foul word' in my username and it was now switched to 'sunny'. Either I'm misunderstanding something (which I don't see how I can be), or your system thinks 'lesbian' is a bad word. I would be very grateful if you could change that, I mean, I CAN use another username and just get over it - and for now I probably will - but it's very frustrating, and slightly insulting to me personally.
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