Leevz.io is a free survival iogame. This is a game about plants fighting each other and upgrading in order to be the best!
Choose between 3 different plants from a wide range of classes and level up into a more powerful plant!


When starting the game you can pick either a pansy (ranged), rose (melee) or mushroom (magic).

PANSY- Send seeds flying straight to your opponents!
ROSE- Equipped with military-grade thorns, you can pierce anything!
MUSHROOM- Surprise your enemies with a poison splash!

Gain XP by killing other players or by farming water drops, sunrays, fertilizers and insects.
When levelling up you can upgrade to a different plant, up to a giant tree!
Every plant has different abilities, making them different from one another and enhancing the combat.


Move with WASD and aim with the mouse.

Primary ability: Left click
Secondary ability: Right click or R
Special ability: E

Auto fire primary ability: T
Auto Spin: Y

Game Updates & Patch Notes: 
[RELEASE] 26 April 2020 Welcome to leevz.io! This brand new .io game will bring you into a world full of plants! The goal is the same as many other .io games: Being the best. So try it out and give us feedback in the official discord or reddit to improve the game's development.
27 April 2020 *Added new FIG TREE class after Dandelion *It has a fig throw ability and a wasp bomb ability *Thrown figs explode and spawn wasps Credit to TNTSquid for the idea! *Changed health values in general and nerfed rammers *Other balancing changes & bug fixes
28 April 2020 *Added ants and ant hills as food *Nerfed rammers (again!)
29 April 2020 *Added a King Snail boss, spawns in the middle of the map *He respawns every 6 mins and gives 2500 XP *Added new flower decorations on hills (Can you spot the 4 leaf clover and black flower?) *Ants now carry a part of fertilizer on their body *Changed the lawnmower design (credit to Emegle) *Buffed rammers health, nerfed Dandelion and Cherry Blossom Tree
30 April 2020 *Made map bigger *Balancing & Bug Fixes
1 May 2020 *Added new death stats screen *New art showcase! Join our discord or post on our subreddit in order to have a chance to get your art on the main menu! *Bug fixes
[THE RAMMER UPDATE I] 2 May 2020 *New Aloe Vera plant! It branches off Cactus and has a gel special ability! *New decorations *Added a rock decoration (inspired by Toneblock's discord contest winning entry) Join our discord to be part of future contests and to get a chance of having your idea/design in leevz.io! *Hmmmm... It smells like smoke in leevz... You should try to find out where is it coming from! *Made fig wasps & auto drones smarter *Slight balancing
[THE RAMMER UPDATE II] 3 May 2020 *NEW Carnivorous plant branch starting from mushroom! *They can't be moved with WASD/arrow keys but only with abilities *It includes SUNDEW with a powerful leaf reach ability and VENUS FLYTRAP *Venus flytrap has an attraction passive ability Slightly moving you towards the closest player if you have > 60% health *It does also has a BITE ability Giving temporary bullet protection and extra damage in the front *Nerfed orange tree *Drones no longer go over hills *Watermelon shield now has more penetration but deals less damage *Other balancing changes & bug fixes
5 May 2020 - A cautionary tale *Drones are no longer borderline invincibile *You may now respawn with a max of 3750 XP *Rolled back banana changes *Nerfed carnivorous class propel speed [THE RAMMER UPDATE III] 5 May 2020 *Introducing NEW Pitcher Plant after SUNDEW It has an acid blast ability (shoots 3 small acid projectiles) and acid release (shoots an area splash in front of itself) Credit to Doctorpus and Emeglebon! *Tweaked the minimap leader indicator *Buffed banana damage but removed stun completely *Bug fixes & other balancing changes

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