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A .io game with hot air balloons and prickly cacti

Take to the skies and pop the balloons of your opponents with your handy cactus gun.
Take coins from your defeated opponenet and use them to buy upgrades of all kind.
Build a might airship and rule the server!


Use WASD to move, SPACE to shoot, SHIFT to flip your loon around.
Use number keys (1 & 2) to switch between bombs and normal cacti.

Game Updates & Patch Notes: 
10/12/18 - Powerups! (v1.1.0) • Added 5 Powerups: Minigun, Pufferfish, Ninja, Megaboost, Nuclear • Powerup unlocks at 25 points • Coin spawn rate increased greatly from mountains • Added small boost when you left click (costs coins) • Buffed bombs (explosion is much more powerful)
9/20/18 - Server Fixes & Shooting (v1.0.1) • Servers were down for some time, but are now running smoothly • Initial player shooting speed was increased
9/10/18 - First Release (v1.0.0) • Introduced hot air balloons that players control • Added colliding cacti and shooting • Added a basket to balloons • Coins and bombs • Added upgrades: Reload, Power, Speed • Mountains and ricochets
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