61 is a funny action ninja io game where you eat sushi to become stronger.

PLAY NINJAR.IO NOW - Eat sushi, level up your belt, upgrade abilities and select new weapons to add to your inventory! Fight other ninjas and get to the top, there can only be 1 Master, will it be you? 

How to Play:

Move around (use WASD/Arrow Keys) collecting sushi to gain stamina and XP, kill AI ninjas and other online players to gain more XP (left click to use selected weapon) As you upgrade XP you will go up levels and upgrade your belt with 3 upgrade points! Upgrade either Health, Speed or Stamina by clicking the displayed upgrade buttons to the left! Get to a high belt level to select a new weapon to add to your inventory! (All players start with the shuriken default weapon) Weapons: Shuriken, Staff, Katana and more coming soon! Each weapon is unique in range, stamina usage and damage (use 1-3 number keys or mouse wheel to change weapon in your inventory) You can also Jump and Dash to avoid attack (use right click to jump and Spacebar to Jump) Gain xp to get to the top of the leaderboard and grow in size but watch out! ~ all actions use up stamina, don't run out of stamina, learn how to conserve your energy and strike back when required!

Strategy: is a game full of stratergy, if you want to survive and grow to be the best then follow these key points:

- Jump and dash to avoid your opponents weapon, this will waste their stamina and then you can fire back when they are too tired to attack!

- Keep eating sushi so you never run out of stamina during a fight!

- Upgrade all Health, Speed and Stamina to get the full fighting experience! (More upgrade points coming soon in future updates)

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