ShipWrecked.Space is a free-for-all battle royale io game with 2D graphics.
Argh matey! Batten down the hatches and shiver me timbers, you've stumbled across Ship Wrecked!
Ship Wrecked is the ultimate pirate themed IO shooter game where you and your crew of booty hungry pirates take to the high seas and fend off against other ships from around the world.
Ship Wrecked is a multi player, free for all, shooter where all that stands between you and certain death is your canons, and your ability to navigate the treacherous ocean.
Avoid bombs, dodge barriers, stay away from islands and take deadly aim at opposing players.
This is a pirate styled battle royal on the high seas in a race to get the most points.
Upgrade your guns, and increase the size of your ship to kill the competition and gain the highest score on the leader board.
But beware! The Kraken hates winners! As your points increase so will the attention the Kraken pays to you.
The Kraken will only attack players on the rise. As you become successful you become a target.

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Ship Wrecked Pirates was published on 10/14/2018

You can play Shipwrecked Pirates for free online or as a mobile download

Shooter, Free for all, Battle royale

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