Squadd Royale


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Squadd Royale is a battle royale game where you must kill your opponents and be the last one standing!
Explore a large map running or driving vehicles, visit buildings to find weapons, ammo and power-ups.
Gain XP and levels by finishing in the top 10 positions, and unlock skins, parachutes, emotes and flags.


- Space to jump from the helicopter
- WASD to move
- Aim with the mouse cursor, left-click to fire
- E or mouse wheel to change weapon or enter vehicles
- R to reload
- M to show the map
- F to use health powerups
- right-click to display emotes

- Camouflage: stand still and you will appear as a barrel, to surprise your opponents or avoid getting killed
- Radar: See your enemies as red dots on the minimap
- Damage: Do more damage to get more kills
- Scope: See your enemies from a longer distance
- Shield: Gain additional armor and survive longer
- Health: Pick up health to heal yourself when needed

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