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Crowd is an online multiplayer io game where you must turn all the humans into zombies. Play Role of Zombie and Attack the Humans and Make Big Big Crowd Team with Zombies and Be Happy to Smash the Opponent Zombie Teams Be a like Popular Team.


no multiplayer moron

I'm really trying to like this game. As you continue to progress in stages, you remain "capped" at 2 zombies to start with (when NPC teams get 4+ to start). Would also be nice to play against real players (multiplayer) instead of NPCS.

Starting with 2 zombies (at first) isn't so bad. Then you get to the higher levels (stage 7+), when the NPC teams get 5+ zombies each. I find myself having to let them fight, then trying to sweep in to steal their zombies, which sucks. As much as I want to love this game, it needs a SERIOUS overhaul.
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