56 is a recreation of slenderman, but with a twist.  At the start of each round, a player is chosen as slenderman and everyone else has to try to collect all 8 pages before the timer runs out.


WASD or arrow keys to move

B: open shop

Left mouse click to use item currently selected

E to pick up an item on the floor.

G to drop item.

In the shop, you can use the pages you've collected to buy various things including a shield, telescope, potion, and even disguise as a page.
All of your progress will be saved. (total pages collected, pages, total human and slenderman wins.)

When you are chosen to be slender, you must try to catch all the humans or stop them from getting the pages in the time provided.

when you are a human, you must work with the other humans to get all the pages before the time runs out, you can use items to help you out and also hide in the trees.

if you cannot move and seem sort of transparent when you first join, do not worry.  A round is in progress and you will be able to play when it is over.  (this message will also be sent to you if this does happen.

the more pages you have, the higher you are on the leaderboard, so be sure to collect a bunch of pages!


if you are playing as slender, you can hide in bushes to surprise the humans.

remember, when you play as slender your view is much bigger so use that to sneak up on humans.

If slenderman is camping at the entrance at a house, you can use the shotgun to go through the wall. (it only has 1 ammo though, so be sure to use it wisely!)

slender camping a page? no need to worry, try distracting him and going around him!


Stungun: Hit slender with this and he wont be able to move for a certain amount of time!

speed potion: increases your speed.

Shield: you can defend yourself against slender with this. 

Page costume: not very useful, but its funny.

telescope: increases your view!

Wall glitcher (aka shotgun) you can use this to shoot yourself through walls. ( WARNING : this does not work in real life.)

Cow gun: Shoot milk

And much more is planned such as a slender shop, much more items, new maps, skins, and more!!

Have fun!! 

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