What is Tiny Tanks?

Tiny tanks is a multiplayer tank shooter game. Use a variety of different tanks to vanquish your foes on a slew of different maps and gamemodes. Pilot your tiny tank to victory!


Movement: WASD
Shoot: Left Mouse Button or Space
Aim by moving the mouse


Last Tank Standing - Kill all other players, the last tank standing wins.
Team Deathmatch - Kill other players on the enemy team, first to 75 kills wins.
Deathmatch - Kill all other players, first to 20 kills wins.
Domination - Capture zones and hold them from the enemy team.
Stockpile - Capture supplies from the enemy team, first to have all of the supplies wins.

Tiny Tanks is new and might have a few bugs. Make sure to report all bugs you encounter to our Discord server and we will fix them ASAP!

Make sure to join our discord! https://discord.gg/AbdH2B2cNf


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