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 About Tanks Online

Fight together with your team in the arena against other players from around the world! Your team must be the first to commit 25 kills to win! Cover your teammates and grab power-ups appearing on the map. But do not give your life in vain! Remember that each frag is a step to victory both for you and your opponents!

How to Play Tanks Online

 WASD - movement

 Mouse - aim and shooting

 You may changed nick name in setting! 

 You can play offline with bots, select in Settings -> Network: Offline

Tanks Online Strategy

The key to victory in Tanks Online is team effort and dominating via power-ups (Health, BulletPower, BulletBounce, Shield) in the arena! Stay together, focus fire to finish off the weakened enemies, but most importantly, keep your team’s advantage in the long run and try to hold back the team that is coming ahead of you!


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