Shotz is an exciting 2-d shooting adventure where you choose your class, load up and take on the world.
It's you against everyone in this classic style 2-d shooter where you choose a weapon, evade death from other players and shoot your way through the competition.
Hide, snipe, dodge shots, spray and pray your way to fame.
Shoot to kill, kill to live.



-WASD/arrow keys to move
-Click to shoot
-QEF to use upgrades
-Enter to chat


There are many interesting classes in, they are described below:

Assault- good at all combat ranges, medium fire rate, medium range, medium speed, medium damage, medium mags

Revolver- good at medium/long range, medium-slow semi-auto fire, medium-long range, fast speed, medium damage, small mags

SMG - good at short range, extremely high fire rate, short range, medium-fast speed, low damage, medium mags

Rocket- good at medium range against forts/groups of enemies, medium fire rate, medium range, slow speed, high explosive damage, 2-bullet clip

Archer- good at long range, very slow fire rate (hold to charge your shot and do more damage), long range, medium speed, high damage when fully charged, 1 bullet clip

Shotgun- good at short range, medium fire rate, short range, medium-fast speed, extremely high damage (spreading bullets), double-barreled (2 bullet clip)

Sniper - good at long range, slow fire rate, long range, medium speed, high damage, small mags

LMG - good for holding positions/forts, medium/fast fire rate, medium-long range, slow speed, low damage, huge mags


Game Updates & Patch Notes: 
0.1.5 (12/6/2018): >TDM mode (beta) added >Bow reworked >Rocket is now semi-auto >Small SMG nerf 0.0.5 (12/1/2018): >Hp regen buffed >Regen perk now means regen starts sooner >Axe speed buffed >Nuke changed (now does 90% damage to everyone,instead of killing them)

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